We’re a young but proficient UAV-company, born in Rotterdam. ‘UAV’ means ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’, popularly known as a drone. Our mission is to show the world from a different perspective. A higher, innovatory and cooler perspective. We do this all around the globe with the same dedication, commitment and professionalism. We love to travel, enjoy every workday, and like to meet new people.
We R supRmen. Your new friends in the sky.


  • Jasper Nederlof
    Jasper NederlofRemote Sensing, Photography & Innovation

Jasper is tall, very tall. Lucky for him, he hasn’t got heights. Jasper is all about filming & photographing sites, remote sensing and innovation. He always aims for perfection, together with his assistants “Fish & Fish”. You can call them for an appointment with Jasper.

  • Tijs Nederlof
    Tijs NederlofMarketing, Video & Sales

Despite his heights, Tijs is co-founder of supRmen. He has a passion for video, (online) media and hamburgers. An ideal combination, we think. Do  you want to drink coffee or  flip a burger with him?  Send him an email or call his mobile.

  • Bas Nederlof
    Bas NederlofFirst Pilot

Every team has a rockstar, Bas is ours. He is our first pilot, ‘let the thing fly’. Some say he is ‘The stig of the drone industry’. Bas knows every little detail of the drone, considers it as the brother he never had…. Want to know why? Give him a ring.