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Welcome to supRreal!

Gone are the days where you shoot climb into a high building, hire a helicopter or lift off a helium balloon to get your photo from above. Starting today you have The Straight Up Air Men. With our drone, we deliver aerial photo’s from your building, site, house etc. for a very attractive price. 

But let’s get one thing straight: we don’t just ‘snap’ some aerial photos.  We deliver photos in a creative and high-resolution way. We’ll discover your unique needs and then produce quality footage.

Royal Quality

We can provide full production. From scratch until the brochure. To do this, we work with te best people. Because that’s the only way we can guarantee our Royal Quality.


Problems always have an solution. We’ve had many, but we always find a way to solve it. With a smile.

Duplex Villa

Small villas up till giant structures, we can film them all!


supRmen offers high quality aerial photos and film. Because we’re a start-up company, we invented the ‘costumer-of-the-first-hour’ discount. Only this summer (July-August 2015), we fly high with good prices.