Faster, safer & more accurate inspections with drones

We collect data with drones to visualise, inspect & report all types of assets.
With our unique concept we facilitate the whole process, from "take off" until the completion of the project.


We inspect hundreds of assets per year for satisfied clients


We are authorised to fly where others may not


Delivery is possible within 72 hours without loss of quality


We cover the entire process and save you a lot of hassle

Why supRmen

supRmen stands for ‘straight up air men‘ and we are specialised in collecting high quality drone-based data of assets. The supRmen team is young, cheerful, personal and entrepreneurial and we challenge each other to keep developing, every day. In this way, we make ourselves ánd our customers stronger. That is our focus, that is our strength.

Experienced & authorised
Since 2014, we have inspected hundreds of assets for a wide range of clients and because of our special license we are authorised to fly where others may not.

Fast & facilitating
We are able to deliver our solutions
within 72 hours. In this way, projects can be executed in a short term without loss of quality. We facilitate the entire process, which leaves you with no hassle

We always like to explore how we can
help you in your specific situation

Save up to 85% on inspection costs

for all types of inspections

Solution – Drone inspections

Inspection of roofs and facades of property, artwork and landscapes can be time consuming due to manual work and all safety protocols. With our drone inspections, you have the advantage of the rapid deployment of our specialised technology.

Higher accuracy
Our drones take extremely high-resolution photos and videos, capturing the smallest details and precise conditions for much more accurate measurements.

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No more personal injury risks,

travel and equipment costs

Solution – Digital 3D-models

Inspect and analyse assets in no time safely from behind your desk via our
online inspection platform. The 2D- and 3D-models allow you to perfectly assess the condition of your assets and make decisions based on objective data and measurements

Analyse & monitor
Get easy access to the hardest-to-reach places of your asset people can’t reach. Perform visual inspections, analyse, monitor trends and compare the status of your asset over time. Anywhere, anytime!

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Reduce up to 66% of

human processing costs

Solution – AI – powered solutions

Compared to traditional methods, we offer the possibility to have standardised or tailored solutions in record time. Increase your delivery output and save up to 66% on human processing work.

Quality guaranteed
Traditionally, it takes a long time to make reports or engineering plans based on air data. From our drone images, we create fully finished turnkey reports, like AutoCAD drawings, ISO- and NEN-reports. Our quality control engineers ensure that every drawing and report we deliver meets your existing standards.

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