September 4, 2023

supRmen culture manifest

Niek Tettero


The culture within supRmen is driven by five pillars. These pillars form how we act, interact, grow, and achieve success. They represent our values and create an environment where everyone can bring their best. While these pillars serve as the bedrock of our company culture, we engage in ongoing conversations to understand what these pillars mean to each one of us. This way, we continue to build a positive and inspiring work culture.


All successes, even the little ones, must be celebrated to create a healthy work environment. Therefore, we encourage all our employees to share their accomplishments, regardless of their size. To applaud successes, we physically and digitally sound the bell from on top of the soapbox. On the contrary, we know that making mistakes is inevitable but necessary to keep learning. We embrace sharing ‘fuck ups’. Not so we can disapprove of each other’s actions but because this lets us learn from one another. 


We strive for an accessible and non-judgmental environment without a hierarchical structure by giving everyone their responsibilities. At supRmen, everyone is granted the freedom to grow and develop professionally and personally. We encourage proactivity and provide flexibility to work independently and make autonomous decisions. Ultimately, the achievement of objectives is of utmost importance. Consequently, we kindly request every one to take responsibility for their assigned tasks, strive to meet deadlines, and consider how their work affects the team and the organization. We understand that occasionally missing a deadline can occur, but by conducting regular meetings and providing updates, we aim to ensure that missed deadlines are not unexpected. Preserving open and timely communication enables the rest of the team to offer assistance whenever needed.


supRmen strives for respect with a capital 'R'. We treat each other with respect by actively listening. Despite our shared values described in this manifest, we acknowledge and respect individual differences. We aim for a work environment where we can address both work-related and personal matters. We encourage you, but it is not obliged, to share private matters, fostering an environment where we support each other as much as possible and offering help whenever needed. This allows for a better work-life balance or even work-life integration. Communication is characterized by openness, honesty, and transparency. With these core values, we avoid negative communication and discrimination. Our interactions are a safe environment where ideas can be freely shared, and everyone is heard.

Additionally, humour is an integral part of who we are, and we use it to foster a positive atmosphere. We avoid feeling superior to others and unequal treatment. Besides, we actively reject discrimination and allow everyone to contact a trusted person outside the organization. Addressing concerns within the team first is encouraged, but a confidant is available if needed.


At the core of our work ethic is combining unwavering dedication and hard work with a spirit of enthusiasm and enjoyment. We strive to push the boundaries and continuously improve ourselves and our work. We foster an environment where everyone's input is valued and encouraged, ensuring that diverse perspectives are considered for well-rounded solutions.

Teamwork is deeply embedded in our culture and crucial to our success. The collective intelligence of our team surpasses individual capabilities. Cooperation extends beyond internal teams; we actively seek partnerships and collaborations with external stakeholders, industry experts, and clients to broaden our horizons and stay at the forefront of innovation. 

Positive energy, team spirit, and company-wide collaboration are amplified through regular fun activities, such as social gatherings. We avoid isolation, gossip, and negative energy and ensure that we support one another. Together, we unleash our collective potential and create a vibrant and thriving work culture.


At supRmen, we recognize that growth and development are crucial for individual team members and the organization. We strive for an environment where everyone is encouraged and supported to expand their skills and knowledge. We foster open dialogue to understand what motivates each team member and aim to assign tasks and projects that align with their intrinsic motivation. We encourage proactivity, identifying growth opportunities, and embracing new challenges. To promote growth and development, we provide 360 feedback biyearly. We give and receive feedback from 3 colleagues who do not necessarily have to be part of your team. Team members can identify improvement areas and continue developing their skills and abilities by utilizing the "Start Doing, Stop Doing, Continue Doing" approach. This feedback is essential to our culture and enables us to continuously improve and grow as a team.

This manifest forms the foundation of our work culture. It is important that all team members identify with these values and commit to applying them in practice. Together, we create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, can achieve success, and has a positive impact on each other and the organization as a whole.

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